These provide you with extra protection against attacks.

Accommodation protects you while you are offline . You are able to rent 1 accommodation per city, and within the city maps you can choose where you want to live. But be careful! 

You can posses only 1 villa. Choose wisely!

Each spot has a limit of 5 houses. (10 houses for .com server)

Some of them have villas and apartments, others don't. This means, that the number of the houses in the game is LIMITED.

Rent money!
The money you pay for your accommodation rent goes to spot owner.

Step 1: Click on the spot you want to rent in the city

Step 2: Click on 'Accommodations' and rent the type you want

Step 3: Check prices and confirm the rental

House rent

The height of the rent is different for each type of accommodation: apartment, house and villa. Every day at 18 Omerta Time (18:00 OT) rent is paid. The money is taken from your bank account. If by this time you don't have enough money to afford the rent, the house will no longer belong to you.

How accommodation defense works?

Accommodation defense is now dynamic:

  1. The total value of accommodation defense includes the villa items.
  2. When user logs out the strength of accommodation will increase from 0% to 100% within following 2 hours
  3. After 2 hours the strength of accommodation is 100%.

After 8hours the strength of accommodation is no longer applied in case of attack.

- Don't forget! It takes 2 hours for you to get full defense from accommodation (gradually)!
- You need to fire your lackeys to be able to get the protection from the accommodations;
- You will remain “Alive and Online in the last 5 minutes” if you logout
 with your lackeys hired; but your online timer will still stop counting
 when you logout.

Accommodation rental price and defense points

Each accommodation type has different minimum initial value price, daily rent and defense points.


Minimum rents and the price are adjusted every day to match the activity of the city.

You cannot rent accommodation if you are under 48 hour protection. 

You can see rent prices for each city on the travel page:


Can I change my accommodation type?

You can unrent your current accommodation and rent a new type. You can also sell and buy accommodation on obay. Keep in mind that you can have only 1 villa and 1 type of other accommodation per city. If you already posses accommodation in one city you won't be able to purchase it via obay.

Can I get married without accommodation?

Both partners need a house of any type to get married.

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