Travelling is used for different purposes:

Important! When traveling you will also gain a little rank progress and health points. The amount of health you gain with traveling decreases as your rank grows (but will always be at least 1 point). 

There are two options for this. One of them is by train, and the other one is by plane. If you travel by train you cant go to Italy but have to stay in America.
You can buy planes in your market and this are the types of planes and their travel times.

  • No plane/train: 75 minutes (not possible to travel intercontinental)
  • Fokker DR-1: 60 minutes
  • Havilland DH 82A: 50 minutes
  • Fleet 7: 40 minutes
  • Douglas DC-3: 30 minutes

In your travel page you can see the details in the different cities. Press on the city you want to see the:

  • Population Details
  • Gambling Details